I would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce JINTEX, a well-established manufacturer supplying different types of Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Towel and Fabric to customers in over 30 countries since we were established in 2000.

        All materials are made in KOREA and all productions progress in KOREA.

        Our name and business strength has been earned through the professionalism and knowledge of our staff and our excellent customer satisfaction ratings. If you are considering sourcing our clothes and contacting us for a quotation, we would be very grateful and also we are extremely competitive and guarantee a response to any query within 24 hours.

        Your concern would be greatly appreciated.

          Best regards                

          Yang-soo, Nam            






     Woven Plant



    Tricot Plant



    Dyeing Plant

        HEAD OFFICE : South KOREA (Republic of Korea)

        TELEPHONE   : +82- 32-589-2025

        FACSIMILE      : +82- 32-589-2026


        CONTACT : Mathew, Nam

        E-MAIL       : namys@jintex.com



        #29-232 Industrial Goods Center 23, Bangchuk-ro 83beon-gil,  

        Dong-gu  Incheon   South KOREA  ( ZIP : 22530 )




            Microfiber Cleaning Cloth / Towel / Fabric in roll

            SIZE : Any your want size

            COLOR : Any your want color

            LABEL : Attach at each cloth with custom brand

            COMPOSITION : Conjugate (Split) Microfiber (Polyester + Polyamide)

            MOQ : 5,000 pieces per one color, one item

            LEAD TIME : 4~6 weeks after order (Shipment on Korea port)

            ORIGIN : Made in KOREA (Comply with all requirements in the FTA)